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Paraffin Frozen Plastic MMA Plastic GMA Immunos Insitu Special Stains

GMA (Glycol Methacrylate)

GMA is a soft plastic used primarily for embedding small tissue samples. It allows for thin sections to be cut (as thin as one micron). It also prevents displacement of tissue componenets during sectioning. The plastic cannot b removed, which causes some limitations in staining. The slides can be coated or uncoated to satisfy any client's needs.

H&E Stains - The standard diagnostic stain that differentiates the nucleus from the cytoplasm.

Special Stains - For a list of our commonly requested stains, please click Special Stains. However, GMA can only be performed on certain procedures. Routine specials such as PAS, Giemsa, Reti, PAMS + Von Kossa work well on GMA, however, many procedures do not. Please contact us for further information.

Unstained Sections - Unstained sections can be provided for further processing by the client.

Serial Sections - Consecutive sections are taken from a tissue block and placed in order on a set of slides. For example, you may wish to section through a small tumor and see every section.

Step Sections - If you wish to scan a tissue without looking at every section, sections can be taken at designated intervals as the tissue is sectioned. WARNING: once the tissue is sectioned and NOT mounted on a slide, it is LOST.

RNAse Precautions - In general, immuno procedures will not work with GMA. Therefore, cutting with RNAse precautions, although can be done, would serve no purpose.

Targeted sectioning using a microscope - If you want to locate a particular area of interest, our experienced histotechnologists can expertly locate the area by mounting unstained sections and confirming the area with a microscope.

Warning: Immunohistochemistry (IHC) cannot be done on GMA slides.

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